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Building a skincare brand and community that loves our planet as much as ourselves.

Hello, my name is Emma, I am the founder and owner of EME Botanical Skincare.

I am still unsure exactly what direction this journey will take me on, but I can promise you these things from EME Botanical Skin Care.

  • I will only use ingredients that are either essential for the of type skin I am formulating for, or for the efficacy of the product.

  • I will source all my ingredients with sustainability in mind.

  • The ingredients will be organic whenever possible.

  • I will always think about the environmental impact when choosing equipment and throughout the manufacturing process.

  • I will be transparent throughout the business.

  • I will choose my packaging carefully to ensure it is reusable or recyclable. 

  • Against animal testing.

  • I will formulate with the wellness of my customers and the planet in mind.

​One of my favourite flowers is the Water Lily or Lotus Flower. 

I just love the symbolism, I can relate to it personally and within building my business brand.

​From the bottom of the deepest waters the Lotus Flower grows, it does not matter how dark, muddy or obstructed it is on it s journey. It simply trusts in the power of nature and itself. It does not stop growing until it emerges from the darkness as a strong, wise, inspiring and beautiful flower.



My story so far......

I was lucky enough to grow up on an idyllic island just off of the south coast of England. At the end of my garden I could access the beach and the sea shore through a small promenade. I would spend hours there as a child, collecting stones and shells, searching for creatures in pools and making concoctions (yes I called them that even before I knew what they where) I was formulating at 6 years old without realising it. I would soak seaweeds and flowers in sea water for days to make perfumes and medicines for my Mum. The outcome would look and smell disgusting, I never saw my Mum apply anything I gave her, thank goodness! 

The point is I loved experimenting with what nature gave me even then, and I knew that I wanted to TRY to do good with what I'd made. 

I now realise I was born to heal and nurture. I feel deep pain, sadness, sympathy and empathy when people, wildlife or the environment are hurt or hurting. I'm convinced that if I had lived a few hundred years ago I'd probably been burnt at the stake by now!

Anyway I digress. 

We moved home when I was around 10, still on the Island, but next to a large private Ancient Woodland that my Dad helped maintain and did Gamekeeping for. I learnt to fish as soon as I could hold a rod and I learnt to shoot as soon as I could safely carry a gun. I grew up eating fish and game caught and shot by us on a regular basis. I was taught that to keep the fine balance of nature, wildlife and us, sometimes animal, bird or plant numbers have to be controlled (culled), to ensure the survival of all. I was aware of the fact that you should only ever take from nature what is truly needed, you put back into nature if you take too much, you are respectful to every living thing, and you never let any living thing suffer unnecessarily. Dad was also a landscape gardener. He taught me a lot about how to grow and look after flowering plants, herbs, shrubs and trees, as well as the insects they need and the pests they dont. I was a real hunting, shooting, fishing, country girl, as my Dad would say. 

Unfortunately, my parents separated just as I was approaching my teens. Everything changed in a short period of time and this affected me badly. I moved to a very small house with no garden, not near the woods or the beach but near the town centre and I saw my Dad only at weekends. 

Confusion, frustration, hormones, anger and the wrong sort of friends led me on a path of rebellion, and wow what a rebellion it was! It lasted roughly from the age of 12 to 20. I left home at 16 and have lived independently ever since. 

Living on my own at 16 meant that I had to work rather than go to college. I worked multiple jobs, waitressing, admin, bar work, shop work, anything that would pay the bills and for my rebellious vices. My other passion has always been singing, I joined a band and did some local gigs in the evenings too. I did try to go to college a couple of times, but being on my own without much financial or emotional support meant that I soon dropped out. I had some health issues around the age of 18 and I was told by a GP that I wouldn't be able to have children, or that it would be very difficult if I ever wanted to conceive (a whole other story) regardless of this I fell pregnant at 20 with my first son. Unfortunately his biological Father was not ready for the commitment and we did not stay together very long.

This was the turning point for me, I rapidly grew from a rebellious teenager into a conscientious Mother. I was determined to build a emotionally and financially stable environment for my son to grow up in, even if I was on my own. I went to college and after two years I gained a NVQ 2 in Beauty Therapy and a NVQ 3 in Beauty, Holistic and Massage Therapies. I went to work for a very well known Health Spa and remained there for about a year and a half. It was during this time that my Mum set me up on a blind date, with someone she called "a very nice man". Turns out Mums really do know best, I'm still with him 19 years later! Lee is my husband, my best friend, my rock and a wonderful father to both our sons. 

When I was around 24, now settled with good qualifications, a family and a new home, I decided it was time to challenge and better myself again, especially as my son was about to start school. Although I liked my Spa Therapist role I was becoming more and more interested in Health and Social Care rather than beauty. I quit the Spa and got a job as a Community Care Worker in my local area, supporting elderly and disabled service users in their day to day living. I did a apprenticeship whilst working this job and gained a NVQ 2 in Health and Social Care. I applied for a job at my local Hospital and became a Health Care Assistant for the NHS, I felt I had found my vocation and was happy in my role. I stayed with the NHS for 12 years, the first few years on various wards, but finally settling in Maternity where I stayed for 9 years. I had my second son with Lee when I was 30. It turned out the Dr was not completely wrong when I was young and I did have some problems trying to conceive, he was a welcomed blessing. I did another apprenticeship with the NHS and received a Level 3 QCF in Maternal and Paediatric Support, which enabled me to progress a pay band and become a Senior Maternity Support Worker (MSW). As a Senior MSW I would do postnatal clinics at the hospital in the morning and postnatal home visits in the afternoon. I progressed as far as I could without doing Midwifery, I was on the board of the Royal College of Midwives as a MSW Ambassador as well as a Union Rep. I loved this role for so many years, but unfortunately due to the growing pressure on the NHS and its staff, the last 2 years in this role where TOUGH! No breaks, no time, no staff, not enough equipment, not being listened to by the higher powers, the working environment became toxic. Everyone was burnt out and constantly worried that they had missed or neglected something or someone due to these constraints.

Whilst trying to deal with all this at work, I was also trying to support and care for my Dad (he was diagnosed with a degenerative brain condition called Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 1 when he was 60) who was now disabled and living alone, as well as having my own home, a very young son and teenage son!

As you can imagine it all got too much and I broke mentally and physically. I was on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication, as well as sleeping tablets and anti-sickness medicines. I lost so much weight I was on the anorexic scale and I could barely function. I had no choice but to quit my job with the NHS, something had to give, it was not going to be me or my family. This was the beginning of 2020 and just after I quit the NHS, Covid 19 arrived. I went from being a very busy professional and around different supportive people all the time, to feeling isolated and alone, privately caring for my disabled Dad. My depression and anxiety got worse and worse as I could no longer see my place in the world, I deeply regretted quitting my job and not being able to support my former colleagues in the NHS during Covid, yet I was relieved that it was ME caring for my Dad during this awful time.

I struggled on for a few months and then one evening when I couldn't sleep as usual, I saw an advert for a Organic Skincare Formulation course. How intriguing, I looked into it, it looked great, learn how to make your own organic botanical skincare and they where doing a free Masterclass. I took the Masterclass and the rest as they say is history. I was hooked, I loved every minute and it did not take me long to decide to do the full course.

This course has been so much more to me than simply learning how to make skincare. It's been a journey of self discovery and reflection. It has taken me back to my childhood days surrounded by nature and being in ore of its beauty. I've started growing all sorts of beautiful flowers, herbs and edibles, I've remembered the satisfaction of growing and nurturing something from seed. I now recall those important lessons I grew up with and I've realised now how I'd neglected them over the years by my unnecessary consumerism. I had been so caught up in looking after everybody else, making money, and buying things, that I'd forgotten what is truly important. Sustainability! 

I have learnt vast amounts throughout my personal and professional life so far. Over the years I have learnt about, cared for and help to heal elderly skin, teenage skin, infant skin and paediatric skin. I can tell you it's one of the biggest concerns in all of those age categories. It never ceases to amaze me how much we neglect the largest organ of our body (our skin), or how much it contributes to our overall health and wellbeing when we have a condition that changes the health and appearance of it.  

EME Skincare will not just be a manufacturer of skincare, I hope it will also be a source of information and inspiration. I envisage producing small batch sustainably sourced personal care products that are Essential, Mindful and Effective for UK residents. But, my main aim is education and I hope to help re-educate people into a more natural and sustainable approach to personal care. I hope to help people with self care and holistic approaches to wellbeing. Since going back to nature and myself, I have stopped taking all my prescription medications and now take nothing but the occasional paracetamol if I'm very unwell. I'm proud to say that though mindfulness, relaxation techniques, gardening and formulating I have really changed my outlook on life, and I am in a far better place in my body and mind than I was 2 years ago. I'm almost that happy content little girl concocting on the beach again.

I am not yet at a stage in my life where I can give my all to EME and all I want to do with it, so I am still learning all I can in preparation for when I do have the time to fully go ahead with this venture. I sometimes get frustrated that I do not have more time or money to do what I want to do in terms of building a business and this brand, but then I just remind myself that at the moment I am where I need to be, caring for myself, my Dad and my family. When I do get spare time I am formulating (obviously) then posting on Instagram or trying to build this website, and that's better than nothing. Someone said something in a web lesson I took which really struck a chord with me. I try to remember this every time I start to doubt myself and if I'll ever be able to do this, or the work needed to get EME to where I want it to be.

"A dripping tap still fills the sink"

So I'm going to keep on dripping, until this sink is full and I have a Skincare/ Lifestyle Brand that educates people on how to look after their skin, health and wellbeing in a more holistic natural way, to enable a more sustainable future, and to make my Dad proud. 

Emma x